The Wild West meets the Outback when an outcast jackaroo in training finds an unlikely friend in an orphaned crocodile hatchling.

The scene is set in remote Australia where our hero, Tuck, is spending some of his most formative summer months at Jackaroo Junction, a camp for Aussie cowboys in training. The daily routine involves kangaroo riding and boomerang target practice, but cowboy life doesn’t come naturally to Tuck, who quickly becomes the laughing stock of camp.

Meanwhile, in a nearby billabong, a tiny croc that’s late to hatch discovers he’s been left behind by his mother and siblings as they make their way downstream. In a twist of fate, Tuck stumbles across the abandoned reptile and it’s not long before a lifelong friendship is forged.

A touching children's book series written by Salvo Lavis and James Munn. Illustrated by yours truly. Please visit the official WORLD OF THE WEASEL website for info on purchasing. Available in bookstores and on the interweb.